Wildberry Expeditions

The pursuit of Wildberry Expeditions is to create awareness about life along with nature and to encourage naturalist and environmentalist through outdoor photography experience.
Wildberry Expeditions was founded with a huge zeal to encourage, motivate, support and to facilitate young photography enthusiasts by conducting Wildlife photography Tours, Travel Photography, Photography Workshops, Trekking, Tent Camping, Bike Tour, Cycling Tour, Photography mentoring events and photography shows.
Wildberry Expeditions will be One-Stop Shop for Photography Professionals and enthusiasts alike. Our tours and workshops are raw natural setting driven coupled with wildlife camping activities at various soul stirring destinations across the Country and huge other Destination which promises a touch of life time experience for sure.
In Order to Maintain the Quality We carefully monitors all movements of the guests while initiating appropriate steps at each stage of the tour to enhance their contentment levels and also ensures that they receive the committed services to the last word.
Wildberry Expeditions Photo Tours

Wildlife Photography

Wildberry Expeditions on a habitual basis, conducts wildlife photography tours for various levels of photography enthusiasts like bird photographers, hobbyist and photography professionals. The various wildlife destinations that we touch in our tours covers almost all the lengths and breaths of south Indian hill stations, aremote deep densely shaded locations and landscapes which are less man explored.
That is why our wildlife photography tours are appreciated and encouraged for exciting photography learning experience with an exposure we create to wide spectrum of colors and characters of wildlife. our Tours have something for everyone. And delivering effective photography-instruction, hands-on assistance and subject-knowledge transfer, they combine the pleasures of experiential travel and learning in a way that is as fun as enriching.

Travel Photography

Wildberry Expeditions conducts both domestic and international travel photography tours based on the requirement of the client. The best part about our travel photography tours is that we won’t fix destinations to travel or fixed travel packages rather the client sets the destination and we facilitate the flawless execution of the travel photography tour to their preferred destination and directions anywhere across the globe.
Our travel photography programs give cross cultural interaction, shared learning from photography experts and vast exposure to different wildlife destination anywhere under the sky.

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